Rino Solberg (Chairman of the Board)

An international entrepreneur and Norwegian inventor, with patents in 12 countries who built and ran his company “Unislip” for 13 years, with daughter companies in USA, Japan and Germany and with agents in 20 countries, before he successfully sold the company.
He is also well known as one of the most dynamic motivational speakers in Norway and he is an author of 11 books in the area of personal development and leadership, among them “Put Integrity First”.

Mr Jean-Paul Deprins (Managing Director and board member)

Jean-Paul is a Belgian citizen who has taken on the implementation and management of the Better Globe Forestry projects in East Africa. He is also the founding Editor of Miti Magazine, a high quality and full color Tree Business Magazine. Jean-Paul has a vast experience of senior management in Europe and Kenya. He is married and lives in Kenya since many years.

       Mr. Jan Van den Abeele (Executive Director and board member )

Jan is a Belgian forester/agronomist with over 30 years’ experience in management and technical implementation of locally and internationally financed projects in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. As the Editor-in-Chief he is the driving force behind Miti Magazine with editorial boards in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. He is a director of KibweziMukuyu Farm Ltd, a 50 acre property specializing in mangoes, sheep, bees and tree growing. Jan is married in Kenya and is a legal permanent resident in he Country.

Dr. Ben Chikamai (Board member).

Mr. Chikamai has been the Director of Kenya Forestry Research Institute from 2009 until 2018. He has extensive working experience in Forestry Utilization, Forestry and Natural Resources Management, Research Management and Networking in Research and Development. He is also the current Executive Secretary for The Network for Natural Gums and Resins in Africa (NGARA), Regional Coordinator of the Commonwealth Forestry Association (CFA) in Africa, and the Coordinator for the Association of Forestry Research Institutions in Eastern Africa [AFREA]. He received the Head of State Commendation Award in 1996 for his contribution to the society in the development of gum arabic and plant resins sub-sector in Kenya. He was also awarded a certificate of merit for Innovative Scientific Research and Development of the Kenya Forestry Research Institute, 1990 in recognition of his contribution in the areas of biomass energy and production of laminated items.

Mr. Jean Doyen (Board member)

Mr. Doyen has been a Division Chief and later Regional Director with the World Bank. He also was a senior advisor infrastructure Policies and Programs before he retired. He is now an independent consultant. His field of expertise is Program planning, management and evaluation. Also institutional assessments and policy reviews. Further he advises on linkages between infrastructure and overall development and poverty reduction.

Mr. Lawrence Muema (Observer to the board)

A certified, dynamic and no-nonsense public accountant, Lawrence holds a degree in business and administration. He has a more than ten years’ experience working as an accountant and a finance Manager and was promoted to deputy Finance Director within BGF.

BGF Management Team

Rino Solberg (Chairman of the Better Globe Group) , Jan Vandenabeele (Executive Director Forestry & Editor-in-Chief of Miti Magazine), and Jean-Paul Deprins (Managing & Finance Director)

   Lawrence Mulandi (Deputy Finance Director, Finance and Accounts Department)

Lawrence started working with the BGF as an accountant, became a Finance Manager and was later promoted to the position of Deputy Finance Director. He has been instrumental in guiding the accounts department through the transition from a small company to a fast-growing medium-sized organization. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration - Strategic Management and is now pursuing a PhD in business administration specializing in Finance. He is also a certified Public accountant of Kenya - CPA(K) and a Certified Internal Systems Auditor.

   Samuel Nakhone (Deputy Director Forestry, Forestry Department)

Samuel is an experienced forester with BSc Forestry Degree from Moi University and seven years of work experience, managing teams. Polished in natural resource management and environmental conservation with an inclination to social enterprise, sustainable community participatory environmental management, and an interest in climate change. He started his professional career with the company and rose through the ranks. He is a driven cross-functional team leader leveraging the above-mentioned competencies to establish competent, motivated and result-oriented teams to achieve both organizational and personal goals within stipulated time frames and cost.

  Adrian Alex Amboka (Operations Manager, Operations Department).

Adrian holds a BSc Forestry Degree from Moi University and an MSc Degree on Geospatial Information Systems& Remote Sensing from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology. He is currently finalizing on a PhD in climate change & adaptation from the University of Nairobi. Tasked with the main responsibility of ensuring smooth operations of the daily routine work to be carried out in the Forestry department. Also responsible for developing geodatabases, analysis of spatial data and mapping of company operations.

   Joseph Haraka ( Monitoring & Evaluation Manager, Forestry Department ).

Haraka has a BSc Degree in Agroforestry &Rural Development and underwent professional training in Monitoring & Evaluation and FSC ForestAuditing. He is pursuing an MSc Degree in Geospatial Information Systems & Remote Sensing with special focus on plantation monitoring.He has worked with social enterprises as an Agronomist, Field officer and Executive assistant. He has a knack for innovation and a passion for improving livelihoods.Harakaensures forestry activities are compliant with internal and external standards, explores efficient ways of meeting forestry objectives and strengthens teamwork towards prosperity with purpose.