Better Globe Forestry

Mission and Vision


To eradicate poverty in Africa and care for the environment, by planting as many trees as there are people on the planet.


Developing a holistic, sustainable and commercial forestry enterprise by involving people from all over the world to support our work in Africa because;

  • We realize that planting trees is caring about people and the environment
  • We create wealth for local people, among them a significant percentage of women
  • We improve rural livelihoods through assistance to Partner-farmers with agroforestry, microfinance, education and water supply
  • We work in semi-arid land, not suitable for agriculture production, where we make the biggest difference for the communities, with our agro-ecology model
  • We will create massive employment by processing and exporting African wood products.

BGF Partners

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KEFRI - Better Globe Forestry Partner


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Sawlog Production Grant Scheme

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