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Welcome to Better Globe Forestry

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. was incorporated in Kenya in 2004 and is a part of The Better Globe Group from Norway which focuses on the need to help fight poverty, by promoting massive tree planting and sustainable agricultural programmes through microfinance schemes, educational programmes and water supply for rural communities. The company also publishes Miti, The Tree Business Magazine For Africa.·

The mission of Better Globe Forestry Ltd. is to make Kenya a greener, healthier and wealthier place in which to live by focusing on the development of profitable, commercial tree plantations that will deliver environmental as well as humanitarian benefits.

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. has “a holistic and sustainable approach to solve desertification in Africa” and is totally committed to extensive commercial tree planting as part of its overall environmental and social mission.

The Better Globe Forestry Ltd. way of doing is holistic on account of 4 factors:

  • We realise that planting trees is caring about people
  • We create jobs for local people including a significant percentage of women
  • We improve rural livelihoods through assistance in education, schools, water supply and others
  • We work in semi-arid lands not suitable for agricultural production·

Our Staff

Jean-Paul_Deprins-Managing_Director Jean-Paul Deprins
Managing Director
Jan_Vandenabeele-Executive_DirectorJan Vandenabeele
Executive Director
Kaari_Mundia-Executive_Secretary Kaari Mundia
Executive Secretary / Human Resource Manager
Lawrence MuemaLawrence Muema
Finance and Accounts Manager
Bernard Mailu
Head of Administration and Purchasing
Wanjiru_Ciira-Managing_Editor_Miti_MagazineWanjiru Ciira
Managing Editor -
Miti Magazine
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